“You have no idea the healing that is happening right now. You can’t see it, but it’s happening everywhere. Many of these guys haven’t seen each other in six months — since December 14th — so glad you got both the Police Department and Firehouse here tonight.”

– Newtown First Responder, Sandy Hook Volunteer Firehouse on community outreach events

“Thank you for all you do for me and my girls and for the entire Newtown community!”

– Sandy Hook School Mother on many of the healing programs

“Brainspotting has been extremely effective in helping me pinpoint the location of trauma in my brain and working through it. David                Grand has been a tremendous support to me and I consider Brainspotting an essential element in my healing process.  Brainspotting                has cultivated resilience following the shooting death of my first grader in his classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary but even more                    so has brought about Post Traumatic Growth.”

– Sandy Hook Mother who lost her son on Brainspotting 

“MNRI has been a key element in helping my body overcome the automatic trauma response following the shooting death of my                         first grader in his classroom.  It has reduced my cortisol levels and helped soften and release the continued fight or flight response                       from both external and internal stimulus.  In addition, it has allowed my brain and body to adjust to this ‘new life’ by mitigating my                   anxiety and trauma and has cultivated not just resiliency but also Post Traumatic Growth.”

-Sandy Hook Mother who lost her son on MNRI

“This has been the best event I’ve been to since 12/14… and I’ve been to them all.”

– Newtown First Responder, Newtown Police Department on community outreach events

“I had to tell you – when we got home today from the race {she} ran into the kitchen where North, our Elf on the Shelf, was hanging out. She excitedly told him “North, today was the best day of my LIFE!” She told him all about the race and how much she loved it. This girl has come a long way from where she was on 12/14/12!

She came home from school that day pretty much shattered. She was just an empty shell. I didn’t know if we were ever going to get her back. For weeks she looked pale, had no interest in anything, wouldn’t eat, had no ambition, no joy. Everything frightened her. It’s been a really rough year. Today was like a reawakening in her! I want to thank you soooo much for bringing this program to us! {She} has loved it soooo much! She has pushed herself further than ever before and she is so proud of herself – and so are we! She’s already looking forward to her next race! It was awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

– Sandy Hook School Mother on Girls on the Run

“Creative Insight has brought light back into my life”

– Sandy Hook Teacher on Creative Insight

“I just had my daughter’s conference and her teacher has said in the last 2 months she has had a huge turn-around, she is more responsive, her work has improved, less anxious and interacting with others. Thank you for bringing music therapy to our family and allowing her to non-verbally express her fears and process them with the therapist, she is even using some techniques at home with me when I am overwhelmed.”

– Mother of elementary school child on Music Therapy


On Camp Creativity:

        “Also just want to thank you both (and your amazing staff & volunteers) for creating such a loving, supportive  environment for (my son) this week. It truly is such a special place and he came home each day excited and  happy.  What more can a parent ask for? Please know that what you are doing is making a lasting impact on this community and is appreciated more than I can express.”

        “The best camp ever for my child. Full of fun and a sense of belonging and working together.  Our community needs this program to allow our children to come together and be in the outdoors, to explore the virtues that are so needed in daily life and to receive the love and support that the RCN staff and community volunteers have to give.”

        “(My daughter) is still talking about how much she loved camp and still singing her songs. The best takeaway is that every night when we walk the dog we talk about a virtue and she finds a rock to bring home and writes  it. The carry-over is remarkable and it is hard to know where your influence will end.  Well done Resiliency Center of Newtown!”


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