RCN/TC joint statement

After more than three years of successful collaboration, Tuesday’s Children and the Resiliency Center of Newtown are pleased to announce that the Resiliency Center is now fully operational as a standalone nonprofit organization with separate 501c3 status. Both organizations wish to continue to support each other through guidance and outcome sharing that will contribute to the knowledge base of healing and resilience in the wake of traumatic events.

Background: During this partnership, Tuesday’s Children provided fiscal sponsorship, administrative support and guidance in the establishment of the Resiliency Center of Newtown, which initially functioned as a program of Tuesday’s Children, and is now a cornerstone of the Newtown community. As an outcome of this collaboration, the Resiliency Center has thus far provided services to more than 1,500 individuals affected by the December 14, 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Tuesday’s Children has assisted the Center in forging valuable partnerships with other service providers, funders and community-based organizations who share their mission to support families and children impacted by the massacre into adulthood. This joint partnership and structured collaboration resulted in fully funding the Resiliency Center’s operations for nearly three years, providing access to the Center’s critical therapeutic programs for the entire community. Community surveys demonstrate the value the Resiliency Center provides and the stature it has gained in the area as a safe place for those experiencing trauma, grief and other adverse effects of this tragedy.

Tuesday’s Children continues to expand its services to other communities impacted by tragic events, and has assisted more than 10,000 individuals, including families of 9/11 victims, responders and military service members, global victims of terrorism and local communities impacted by mass violence. The Resiliency Center of Newtown remains a vital nonprofit partner as Tuesday’s Children scales up its strengths-based and resilience-building services, and offers its proven Long-Term Healing Model to support families in global and local communities affected by terrorism and extreme violence.

The Resiliency Center remains grateful for Tuesday’s Children’s support during this early stage of our development and looks forward to close collaboration in years to come. The Center continues to offer trauma-informed assistance, and referral services as well as community outreach programs designed to help restore a sense of emotional well-being within homes and the community.

Tuesday’s Children was founded to promote long-term healing in all those directly impacted by the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Its mission today is to keep the promise to those children and families while serving and supporting communities affected by acts of terror worldwide. Its time-tested, long-term approach—forged in the aftermath of 9/11—enables families and communities torn apart by tragedy to heal, recover and thrive for a lifetime.

The Resiliency Center of Newtown provides healing opportunities for anyone impacted by the December 14, 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, ensuring that every individual reaches their full potential. Its goal is to build a nurturing community within which individuals and families can successfully manage the effects of trauma.

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