We hope you enjoy looking at the Camp Creativity 2015 album. We had two amazing one week sessions with the Newtown/Sandy Hook campers. Our time was spent outdoors running, playing and hiking. The kids created some meaningful art projects and learned our new Camp Creativity song! The children even incorporated virtues into pop songs and performed them for the parents and friends at our end of camp celebrations. They learned some very cool martial arts movements and broke wooden boards.  The campers participated in a private show with Science Bob ~ THE Science Bob from Nichelodeon and Jimmy Kimmel Live! They pet exotic animals, played soccer with semi-pro players, and learned the A-B-C’s of saving money. Through all of our programs and activities, they learned resilience, team-building and how to develop self confidence.

Camp would not be as successful without the help of some very special people. Thank you Beth Hegarty and Mai Tran for being extraordinary volunteers and exceptional humans. Kate Forgione, thank you for sharing Zoe with us and being such an excellent role model to the campers. Lisa Bell made beaded key chains with the campers. It was a really fun activity for them! Thanks Lisa!! Thank you Scott and Diane Buchanan for always being there for us, and for all the last minute errands!!

The lunches were amazing, thanks to Pam from Aquarian Caterers, My Place Restaurant, and Holy Cow Ice Cream (where the secret ingredient is love). Snacks were donated by Frito Lay, and water and Gatorade by Pepsi. Thank you for keeping the kids full and hydrated!

We are so very grateful for the following businesses that donated their time to us:

Rich from Newtown Moo Duk Kwan~Your energy, passion and kindness were felt by all the campers.

Science Bob~We so appreciate your coming in from MA to share your time and talents with the Newtown/Sandy Hook kids!

Cryil The Sorcerer~The kids really loved your recycling-themed magic show. I am sure it was a first for them!

Ron Deluca from Curious Creatures~The kids loved your animals last year, and absolutely appreciated getting to hold them again this year.

Wells Fargo~ Thanks for teaching the campers about the value of the dollar and savings! (You’re never too young to learn about that!)

Peter D’Amico‘s Semi Pro soccer Team AZUL spent a couple of afternoons with the kids. Thank you for your time!

Our favorite local artist Dave Brooker helped the kids make their awesome tye dye shirts!

Thanks also to Prime Resources of Bridgeport for their donation of “swag” for the campers to take home this year.

We had an amazing crew of dedicated volunteers. A huge thank you to the college and high school volunteers who spent their days supporting and guiding each and every camper.

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize Stephanie Cinque for her vision, compassion, kindness and love in creating Camp Creativity.