Art therapy uses a person’s creativity to help develop their physical and emotional health.  Self-expression can frequently awaken innate problem solving capacities.  It combines traditional techniques found in psychotherapy with the creativity of producing visual art.  Trauma informed art therapy takes into consideration how the mind and body respond to traumatic events, recognizing that symptoms are coping strategies rather than pathology.

Art therapists are trained professionals who have a master’s degree in art therapy.  Artistic theories combined with clinical techniques are used to enhance the healing effect the creative process has on the client.  The therapist is aware of the body’s reactions to stressful events and/or memories and can thus incorporate sensory based artistic activities.

People of all ages can benefit from Trauma Informed Art Therapy, particularly those experiencing such issues as anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma.  This therapy approach is helpful for those who may prefer focusing on another task while discussing complex issues or who are challenged with expressing these issues verbally.

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